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Actually one of the things that crossed my mind about their economic policy is to what point it might be opportunistic as you say. Is it just noises or something they actually believe in (via the change from father to daughter)? I surely am not informed to know.

I actually see (again, just is what on wikipedia, nothing more - so take this view with a grain of salt) their proposals as coherent viewl. It says a lot about the current environment that what they say makes sense against the "competition" for example:

  1. SYRIZA's apparent belief that they can negotiate seems to me more pie in the sky (I would love to be proven wrong)

  2. And what about the case of the current neo-lib establishment and their views of "expansionary austerity"?

So, FN's economic views might be problematic (or just plain opportunistic), but I think many of the alternatives are just fairy tales (and in some cases, very dark fairy tales).

I find it worrying that the least crazy economic view is being put forward by an organization like FN. Terrifying, actually.

by cagatacos on Wed Feb 11th, 2015 at 06:57:18 AM EST
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