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What's needed are anti-tank weapons.

Let's suppose that (1) the Ukrainian army only gets anti-tank weapons, (2) learns to use it properly, (3) manages to evade similar weapons held by the rebels, (4) eliminates all heavy armour held by the rebels, and (5) Russia has no further ideas of military assistance to the rebels. Even in this unrealistically optimistic scenario, what do you do about small arms?

However, IMHO it is much more realistic to expect Ukraine to get some big toys whose use will result in limited rebel losses and a couple more hospitals blown up,  met by a further arming-up of the rebels; that is, a further escalation of the bloodshed with no end in sight. And let's face it: the USA has hardly a good record on counter-insurgency to provide help to a badly trained Ukrainian army.

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by DoDo on Thu Feb 12th, 2015 at 04:30:14 AM EST
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