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I wasn't aware.

But I for one am totally in favour of an uprising against the benevolent bobocracy of Paris, wherever that may take place, though as for Corsica my own preference would be to be rid of it (and we tried to go in that direction with a referendum about ten years ago...unsurprisingly when given the chance at more autonomy they voted NO...they know who butters their bread).

This being said, not sure what you need to be smoking to think the EU Parliament in Strasbourg is just powerless democratic window dressing which is used as cover for where the EU power grab, such as it has been attempted, has actually taken place (in Brussels and Frankfurt). A democratic smoke screen but no one except Daniel Con-Bandit is fooled.

In any event, I don't think fredouil is saying he is against these fiscal transfers so much as he is inveighing against the cruel joke which is the EU at present viz. democratic institutions in the EU and proper fiscal and monetary policy in the face of a financial deleveraging environment. I'm wondering why you are referencing fiscal transfers in the French context when in the EU context these have been, and quite by design (the maastricht reference is apt here), pathetic.

And given the current and near future political context in Berlin, London and nearly every other capital in the Northern parts of the Union, they will remain pathetic.

You don't need to be smoking anything to not only wish for the EU's demise, but also to be cautiously optimistic that the day may soon be coming.

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by r------ on Thu Feb 12th, 2015 at 04:52:33 AM EST
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