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The division might have been more on tactical grounds than on substance. Schäuble and the Spaniards wanted to smash Greece down immediately and publicly. The IMF doesn't care as long as the working class is crushed and the looting continues and mostly takes orders from the Americans anyway. The ECB council probably acts like an extension of the states so tended toward the immediate crushing side. No idea what Draghi thinks. Can he write assessments on his own or does he need approval? The Americans want this to go away before it gets in the way of their pissing match with the Russians.
The only one sorta reliable in the Greek corner seems to be Junker, presumably to spite Angela, but while both the Moscovici draft and the Commission being the first one out of the gate with their assessment helped immensely he has no money.

Looking at the people standing at the sidelines we have the European Social Democrats doing their usual thing, most leftists seeing Tony Blair behind every boulder (and who can blame them?), Putin trolling a bit as is his wont and the press foaming.

Most lynch mobs are somewhat disorganised.

by generic on Wed Feb 25th, 2015 at 07:06:50 PM EST
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