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People like Lorcan Roche Kelly at Bloomberg are railing on Varoufakis for lying when he said the video is doctored.

Varoufakis is absolutely right that it is doctored.

Any time I hear voiceovers midsentence, my ears prick up.

The video makes it sound as though Varoufakis was counseling Greece.

But what preceded the sentence was the hypothetical about the potential collapse of the eurozone circa 2010 and Greece's response to its out of control budget in the same year. He was speaking retrospectively. Not counseling what is to be done now, especially not now as Greece's Athens-law based private debt (owned by private banks) has been converted to sovereign EU debt.

There are so many on Twitter calling Varoufakis a liar over this when it is clear to me he is right about the video.

by Upstate NY on Sun Mar 15th, 2015 at 08:20:16 PM EST
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