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Everyone is excited about that finger instead of politics. So: the "finger-video" was quoted in an ARD-video (made by Jauch's team) on Varoufakis. This video gave the impression as if V. wanted to give Germany the finger and default in the case he became a member of a new government. In reality he was talking in 2013 about the past, 2010, and said Greece should have defaulted then. It is unclear which video of the two he means, and it is unclear what exactly he means by "doctored".

Here are two good blog posts on the finger affair: http://www.stefan-niggemeier.de/blog/20713/wie-guenther-jauch-die-aussagen-von-varoufakis-verfaelsch te/

I liked Ulrike Herrmann's suggestion of resolving the forced loan affair: pay the money, but not to the Greek government, but to a foundation for German-Greek youth programmes. Very much needed after the Euro-crisis and accompanying nationalistic noise. At first I thought she is serving the anti-Greek sentiment: the Greeks can't be trusted with so much money and so.

Think it out. It would need a German-Greek treaty. Germany promises to provide the funds, aware of the responsibility for history and so on. Greece in exchange promises to treat the forced loan as re-paid. Both parties agree that focusing on debt and insisting on repayment is un-European and is destroying the very foundations of cooperation and understanding. This is the discussion we need.

by Katrin on Mon Mar 16th, 2015 at 04:43:59 AM EST
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