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If the plan is to create a scenario where Greece is forced to exit against it's will - and thereby maintain it's Grexit negotiating position - then Greece cannot simultaneously be seen to be planning for Grexit voluntarily. In other words, part of the plan may be to be seen not to have a plan for Grexit.  There is only so much "cadres already mobilized, key institutions suborned" you can do without everyone knowing about it.

Critical to game theory is managing your opponents expectations of your intentions - and keeping them in the dark as to your real intentions as much as possible. At one level Varoufakis et al are playing the game of negotiating the best deal they an for Greece within the EZ.  It would be surprising if they didn't have at least a contingency plan for what to do if that first route failed to produce a feasible result.  But equally that Plan B must not be so public and obvious as to undermined whatever slender chance they have of succeeding with plan A.

There is also the not insignificant matter that the majority of the electorate are not yet resigned to Grexit.  Syriza will take the full blame for all negative consequences if they are seen to have actively sought that outcome.  Less so if it is seen to have been forced on them.

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