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I don't think so.  They are 'marshaling the mainstream' and trying to make sure they are seen to do the right thing by it. If Merkel has one strength above all, it is reading the political tea-leaves and acting within what mainstream (or manufactured, if you will) opinion will regard as "sensible" or the least damaging to her political fortunes... She will not go out on a limb, but for the problem to be seen as a "Greek problem" plays into chauvinistic and nationalist narratives.  The one thing she lust avoid is for it to come to be seen as a German problem - by the German electorate themselves - because then it is she who will be held responsible for solving it. And solving it, as we know, is going to cost someone a lot of money.  If it ends up being the German elite/banks, she had better have someone else to blame.

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