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When people speak of Greek oligarchs, we are talking about a conflation of issues.

  1. The political elite thought they had carte blanche to take bribes from oligarchs and international finance because of the law forbidding arrest for ministers and deputies (a law in place to correct the junta's habit of imprisoning political opponents).

  2. The shipping sector which cannot be taxed and will never be taxed beyond the ship tonnage it already pays.

  3. The banking sector which is largely an offshoot of shipping (i.e. shippers started the banks).

  4. Greece's distribution system for goods, which is organized vertically across sectors, by the same cabal. This needs to be broken up so that distributors from outside Greece can service retailers.

  5. The black market: cigarettes and fuel.

#1 is paramount and the one most easily addressed.
#3 controls #4 because you can't compete with the current distribution system unless you, ONE, reform regulations that prevent a challenge to the system, and TWO, fund that challenge through private banks.
#5 is just going to war with racketeers, which presents its own set of problems at the level of police and national security.
by Upstate NY on Tue Mar 17th, 2015 at 11:08:42 AM EST
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