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Six weeks on 60mg of prednisone and chronic sleep deprivation hasn't helped my mood, I agree. And I certainly would not advocate civil war for anyone. But effective preparations might be the best preventive. If Syriza does not push some initiatives to collect taxes and prosecute criminality out of fear of the assassination of the prosecutors, judges or even cabinet ministers that becomes a serious problem for the survival of the state. If this government is brought down by violence or the threat of violence from the right that would already be a de facto civil war that the government lost. The existing police and security apparatus seems highly problematic in their effectiveness and reliability in both protecting the new government and ensuring that its laws and actions are enforce as it is. Yet time is of the essence.

My preference has always been to try to think things through to their conclusions, however ugly that might get. Then, worse come to worst, you at least have considered, and perhaps made some preparation for such an eventuality. A small but highly capable group of security personnel whose loyalty, as a group, is highly likely could do a lot to prevent worse coming to worst. I have to wonder what Lloyds or other reinsurance companies would charge per million of coverage of top officials of the Syriza government against loss due to assassination or unexpalined disappearance over the next two years. I have never had much patience with the "I'd hate to think XXXXX" approach and my observation has too often been that that is exactly what should have been thought about. To wit, in the USA, JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcom X, for starters.    

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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