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And 'undergraduates at a top American universitlies' are precisely those who, if they become largley in favor of radical changes to our social structure, will be best able to bring this about, along with those everywhere in whose interests it is to see and then to change the core drivers of the current economic disaster. I concluded back in the '60s that the society was going to HAVE to implement a minimum standard of living due to reduced demand for labor from automation, etc. It took me 20+ years to see that we could and would just disparage and dismiss those who couldn't find jobs and blame the victims. It is the American Way.

So, if we 'abolish labor' what, besides core human compassion, is to prevent a society that, today, sees a social safety net as an alternative, from seeing death camps as a superior alternative in a decade? And the higher you go the less compassion you see in this society, the top rungs of banking and business being the natural goal of such people? I find the idea to be very dangerous. We have seen and are seeing what time and conservative governments can do to social safety nets.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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