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No, there is one more group, and a critical one: The construction, IT, and media (this is pertinent: these folks own all of the major private media in the country between them) moguls that oligopolize Greek state procurements and are involved in various privatizations. This includes but is not limited to, people from categories 2, 3 and 5. These are people like:
  • G.Bobolas, and his various construction and engineering companies, involved in almost every major public infrastructure (from highways to gold mining to garbage disposal),
  • S.Kokkalis (ditto for the telecom, informatics and network projects),
  • Kopelouzos and Mytilinaios in Energy and mining etc,
  • Melissanidis (a gangster and former petrol smuggler now shipping magnate, who bought the State Lottery and football pool company after it was privatized at the dictate of the troika)
these people and a few scores like them are powerful but controllable and vulnerable.
Then there are the Latsis and Vardinogiannis families (pretty much involved in everything) - who are almost like a shadow government in terms of real power

Hit these people (or most of these people) with fines and (where possible) criminal charges, along with categories 1,3, 4 and 5 and SYRIZA will be winning every election from now til 2020 with huge majorities

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by talos (mihalis at gmail dot com) on Fri Mar 20th, 2015 at 02:29:39 PM EST
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