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The response of the German Government to this whole issue of the essential justice of the claims of Germany and the counter claims of Greece, in the light of this history, is example A of the famous dictum: "When it is serious you have to lie"! or distract, or disinform, or evade, or attack the credibility of that being lied about, or all of the above, AS A MATTER OF HIGHEST PRIORITY. For most who engage in such denial, above all, it is important to deny that they are doing any such thing. After all, as Richard Nixon said: "That would be wrong!" It would clearly be a serious failing in one's character. Like racism in the US South.

It has long been my observation that the more any given person benefits from an obviously invidious and unequal relationship the longer it takes for them to even see the problem, much less admit the truth of it. However, at some point in the chain, we get to those who DO actually see what they are doing and yet still are convinced it is important to keep on denying. That is what is called 'leadership'.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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