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No this is completely wrong. The seizures might affect German public property in Greece (although it isn't clear that they can, and what property) and they are a result of a Greek High Court decision on a private lawsuit by the survivors of the Distomo massacre, and families of those slaughtered. This is about 29 million Euros awarded in damages to those survivors / families in 2000.

The issue of the loan and of reparations is a totally separate issue from Distomo and cannot involve the private properties of anybody. I don't know who suggested that, but it wasn't the Greek minister of justice.

In 2000 when the decision was first issued, there had been some first steps to implement it by the Distomo families' lawyers, attempting to confiscate the Goethe Institute building in Athens, but these were blocked by the then Greek government.

About the WWI claim I can't even find any mention, anywhere. This is absolutely a non-existent issue, and certainly not what this Parliamentary committee is about. Truly irresponsible reporting by the Guardian

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