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Man, I feel flattened by this 3g lift... Haven't had that experience since nineteen something. Will I spoil this esteem? Probably yes, quickly... An overly sexual NSFW metaphor will do the job. Censor these shades of sticky grey if you have to.

Rather more positively than the title of your diary, the subprime bubble was an epic erection, a solid joy for planet's customers. It stayed on confusingly long, not naturally of course, but on synthetic CDO, CDS viagra. Nevertheless, the ejaculation came in 2008. The societies are still submissive to the expected wonders of liberalized economies, the perceived need to behave with restraint, implicit promises "You can screw too". But the economy won't get up, and no one will be satisfied for decades to come - and the masters know it. They will claim to be so tired saving the world with High Frequency Trading, with no mention of soft throbbing at Asian, Latin parlors. A lot more BS talk will come before all respect is gone. That's what "Nobel" worthy economic theories are for. Over 90% of the global population has to be duped with visions of recovery cycles, inevitable growth, credit sins, vulture funding virtues, austerity heaven, hyperinflation hell, islamofascism and what not.

by das monde on Wed Mar 25th, 2015 at 01:33:24 AM EST

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