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I don't know if any new economic theory will save us, but checking my own thoughts from 8 years ago I think there is some progress.

These elements I think are important (in no particular order):

  • Money as power (Graeber)
  • Accounting as description of the power relationships (MMT)
  • The need of certain flows of money to uphold a capitalist/consumerist society (Keynes) and the imbalances that sets in motion the movement away from those flows (Minsky)
  • Sustainability with respect to the world

If we combine these I think we have some groundwork for how society needs to be reformed.

For example, combining the need for sustainability with the need for growth we can see the need for inflation. Combining the need for stability with the view of money as power we can see the need to curbe the maximum wealth (and thus power) of any individual.

by fjallstrom on Wed Mar 25th, 2015 at 05:32:44 AM EST

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