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french elite (this one is a normalien) spout such nonesense. Completely cut off from the reality of truly normal french people, another lieutenant (and there are only lieutenants on up in this army) in the central commande of the brigade logistique of keyboard kommandoes tells us all how the answer is to gut the state even more, as if we haven't example after example in the EU of how this is not a particularly good idea, much less proven.

They've lost the plot. This is normal, they haven't experienced life in the real world, only the elite one where they evolve. These employment and other business-connected perks (super rolodex, think-tank sponsorships, et c.) result from their fortunate status as a graduate of an elite french educational institution, where what you did from ages of 16-21 will punch your ticket for not having to worry about such trifles.

I am actually surprised they still speak french (some of them have in the past stopped. As with this one, English tends to be the language of choice, though as it was generations ago, German is coming back into fashion; perhaps we will see this translated and published in Handelsblatt sometime soon.

I do not sure it comes from the breeding (i.e., inbred). I tend to favor the explanation of the selection process. To get into one of these institutions, you need to certainly be intelligent; but you also need to have been a very docile and disciplined teen, studying while the others might have been doing what normal adolescents do, like playing football, going out with friends, trying to get laid and so forth. And so the resulting promotions tend to be populated with folks who integrate and then stenograph what their authorities say (teacher, then boss, then the conventional wisdom they hear in fora from Brussels to Davos to Jackson Hole). A perfect petri dish for perpetuating long-discredited (outside the inbred circle) economic theories like Hayek's.

I strongly suspect this is why very few elite continentals win many, say, Riksbank Economics prizes, the recent French winner being the exception which more or less proves the rule (doing your PhD at MIT helps a lot). And I also strongly suspect that this explains how the Euro came into existence: an elite project, not economically sound (in real time as early as the 1960's being discounted as unrealistic and economically and politically damaging); the people, when their opinion was actually asked for, weren't warm to it at all.


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