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In the US, it is very hard to understand what we mean when we talk about religion. "Observance" is not as high as it must seem in the media and from a distance. It is more a matter of identity. Part of that identity for the rabid right is opposition to marriage equality, "socialism," evolutionary theory, and a long list of other ideas they don't like and don't understand. Very few have even read the book they say is the literal word of god (you'd think that would be high on the bucket list) and are confounded if you quote it to them. Anti-intellectualism runs deep in that community. When they say Obama is "articulate" it is not meant as a compliment. It is shorthand for uppity, bookish.

The rituals, such as they are, function to reinforce the identity.

I have Italian friends who assume that it is the catholic church holding up progress here. But a majority of observant Catholics here actually support marriage equality and are far more progressive in general than the protestant right.

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by melvin (melvingladys at or near yahoo.com) on Tue May 26th, 2015 at 10:44:45 AM EST
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