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Well with 2 world wars in our fresh history we were double-doomed before the EU came along.

I'm beginning to think that while it remains a good, nice idea the humans of requisite competence and good faith have not emerged with shoulders broad enough to take responsibility for maintaining what they started.

The present clusterfuck is still better than interstate warfare a la Libya but I am far from convinced by the evidence that leaders were at the necessary intellectual level to fairly manage the large and unwieldy beast as it has proven to be.

Unwinding said beast will not be a walk in the park, should it come to that, but then possibly this mess the currency is in has revealed how shallow the commitment to a united Europe really is, and once adjusted that could re-energise the project in toto.

I haven't given up entirely on the EU, but confess to being bitterly disappointed that after the years of Barroso the best we can throw up to take his place is Juncker. FFS, that's like putting Strauss-Kahn in charge of a convent.

I cringe at how naively I trusted back in the late 90's that we were really ready to do this all together.

The red flags for me should have been how profligately Berlu and Co were spending EU money on bridges to nowhere, cementing N Italy over (funnelling billions to the mob in the process) how the farmers were cheating on the CAP, (planting sunflowers for the funds and then letting them shrivel and rot in the fields unwatered), roundabouts going in every 50m etc etc.

All these shenanigans unmonitored by EU watchdogs.

The all-too-rapid expansion to the East and later the way the Ukraine card was played exposed what for me is the most tawdry side of the project. Tolerating dodgy leaders and corrupt states that could even teach Italy a thing or two in that department was apparently a small price to pay in order to flog washing machines and cars on too-easy credit to folks who didn't have them yet.

Lastly the extremely retrogressive stances regarding allowing OGM food for animals that people eat, and worst of all the new brown coal mining and cessation of support for renewables make it impossibly hard to believe they are up to anything good at all.

Then there's the idiotic idea that to solve the influx of refugees all we need is to send an expensive navy to go shoot holes in poor folks' fishing boats, (after throwing the Libyans to the wolves by deposing Ghaddafi), that takes the proverbial cake...

None of this will change unless America radically rethinks macro-economics, (not to mention hegemony and Empire), this much I have gratefully learned here at ET these last 11 years.

Europe is dead, long live the European Union!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Tue Jun 2nd, 2015 at 10:11:34 PM EST
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