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I don't look at ethnic or genetic stereotyping as he does. This is NOT a question of Ottoman mindsets, etc.

It's a matter of non-functioning gov't. The tax evasion thing comes at the very end of considerations for me.

First, Greece is overloaded with small businesses related to tourism. They are always going to have a tax evasion problem.

Second, Shipping accounts for 15% of GDP, which makes the tax evasion calculation look worse than it already is.

For example, Greece had 40% of GDP in tax revenue for years. More than enough to pay for necessary services. When you consider that 15% of the GDP was legally untaxed (shipping), that figure should rise even higher.

Then also consider that Greek tax evasion has to be compared to tax evasion elsewhere.

The Greeks have a lot of it, but not so much more that a dent into it is going to change the dynamics of the economy.

Check out this paper here that shows that 14% of the population was responsible for the 28% tax evasion, because the others lived by paycheck (i.e. they were taxed at the source.)


by Upstate NY on Fri Jul 10th, 2015 at 01:48:02 PM EST
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