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I have censored myself on Facebook here in the USA because I don't want to get into vituperative flame wars about abortion as the Repugnant Party here slides over into no abortions, no exceptions, no value to the lives of women campaign policies.

Having a couple of Republican Facebook friends, I notice that whenever I say something critical of the Party's policies, there is an almost immediate personal attack.  The object is to insult me, the person, without any real response to the issue or my criticism of it.  

I am more careful now as a) I don't want to get caught up in such a waste of time and b) I don't want to set myself up as a target.

Watching the EU refugee situation from a distance, partially because it's a clear result of US policies in the Middle East and because it's a global problem which will only get worse as climate change kicks in harder.

Time to reread Sebastian Haffner's Defying Hitler?

Solar IS Civil Defense

by gmoke on Tue Aug 11th, 2015 at 04:58:45 PM EST
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