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Here is a darkly ironic episode of the on-line xenophobic shitstorm.

The one region in the German language area where you'll find unabashed patriotism is South Tyrol. This is also the reason for the controversy around South Tyrol rock band Frei.Wild (a name with an untranslatable dual association: frei, wild means "free, wild"; Freiwild means "fair game"). Two years ago, the controversy led to the withdrawal of the band's nomination in Germany's most prestigious music awards (ET reported).

Now Frei.Wild surprised everyone (most of all their fans) with an unconditional and fiery pro-refugee statement, in which they name AfD und Pegida by name and declare that they don't want support for such types.

The comment section is a shitstorm of the anti-refugee mob, who instantly excommunicated the formerly "proper patriotic" band, accusing them of buckling under left-wing media pressure or selling out or committing treason. Hilarious and nauseating.

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by DoDo on Wed Aug 26th, 2015 at 02:59:09 PM EST
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