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The Guardian: How will Labour top losing the election? By losing its own leadership contest (Frankie Boyle, Thursday 27 August)
Many people thought the Labour party would struggle to top the disaster of losing the general election, but it has silenced the doubters by somehow contriving to lose its own internal leadership election. Voters have signed up to support it, and Labour has reacted with a purge of such generalised unfairness that I'm almost starting to doubt that its leading lights really wanted to bring democracy to Iraq. It must be easy weeding out applications from those who don't share Labour values - surely the very fact that they've made a decision and put their name to it is a huge beacon saying "Outsider!" A party that sees enthusiasm as a negative - at least that's a quality that may win back Scotland.

Perhaps Harriet Harman's handling of the whole debacle is a brilliant piece of marketing designed to make whoever takes over seem like a genius. There's an easy way to find genuine Labour supporters - they boasted about voting Green in this election and kept quiet about voting Lib Dem in the last. Naturally, what Labour fears is not Tory entryism, but the horror of infiltration by the sort of people Labour is supposed to represent. Most columnists seem to feel that the party should plump for one of three fairly unpalatable options as at least they can win an election, just not this election, as there are too many people voting.


Leaders around the world are nervous about Corbyn winning and becoming PM, as they know every time they visit the UK he'll present them with another bottle of his homegrown elderflower champagne. I'm enjoying senior Tory peers calling Corbyn a "throwback". A guy in a horsehair wig wearing a cape, who got a job for life because his great-great-great-grandfather had a knack for picking out the healthiest slaves? We can safely assume that Corbyn is no longer on the establishment's Christmas card list. But he has been added to their other list, right below the crossed out name of Dr David Kelly.

A society committed to the notion that government is always bad will have bad government. And it doesn't have to be that way. — Paul Krugman
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