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Reminds me of this essay (quoted in the Newsroom - h/t P.Krugman), with mentions of Musk, Norquist and the libertarian streak of many SV types:

Tech nerds are smart. But they can't seem to get their heads around politics. - Vox

Showing up means dealing with annoying people, many of whom are on your side. It means unpleasant compromises and second- or third-best solutions. But there's no way a new world can be born out of the old one without the midwifery of public policy. Musk may be several orders of magnitude smarter than most politicians, but politics is nonetheless the eye of the needle through which his enterprises must pass on their way to the promised land.
by Bernard (bernard) on Sat Aug 29th, 2015 at 03:58:32 PM EST
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