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What an Actual Leader Would Say
I stand here, not to praise you, but to acquaint you with reality, at least as well as I am able. Perhaps that means I should be killed or at least run out of town. But if that's so, then so be it. I am tired of living a life other than my own - the pre-scripted, advertiser-generated life that is shoved before my eyes day by day. And I suspect that some of you are tired of it as well.

Please allow me to begin by pointing out that all the fights from all the platforms this election cycle will concern trivialities - Team Red versus Team Blue - and competing varieties of fears - terrorists versus outlawed unions versus less free stuff versus whatever works in your little corner of the world. At most, these are fights over personalities - He's an arrogant ass, she's a conniving witch, and so on  - all of which really come down to, "My opponent is scarier than I am."

[...] once we get past all the publicized fears - some real, but most imaginary - the dialog we're having, if we care to admit it, is mostly self-praise. We laud our great "democracy," even though not one in a thousand can define it. Or we brag about our wonderful "freedom" but avoid defining it, knowing that our definition wouldn't stand up to the test. Freedom is "what we have," and further questions are evidence of stupidity, bordering on treason.

by das monde on Thu Aug 27th, 2015 at 02:56:16 AM EST
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