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The Real Refugee Crisis Is In The Future - Raśl Ilargi Meijer - Automatic Earth
... But the essence remains that Europe doesn't want a real solution to the crisis. ... The only solution Europe wants is for the refugees to miraculously stop arriving on its shores.

... it needs to call subsequent meetings at the highest levels to look at the future of this crisis. Not doing this guarantees an upcoming disaster the scope of which nobody can even imagine today.

The media focus on a truck in Austria where 70 human beings died, .... These reports take away from the larger issue, that there are dozens such cases which remain unreported, where there are no camera's present and no human interest angle to be promoted that a news outlet thinks it can score with.

Brussels and Berlin must throw their energy and their efforts at ameliorating the circumstances in the countries the refugees are fleeing. ...

The desperation of millions of human beings, manipulated by traffickers and by terrorist groups is also an instrument of disintegration of the countries of origin and of destabilization of the host countries.

It is estimated that sub-Saharan Africa will have 900 million more inhabitants in the next twenty years. Of these, at least 200 million are young people looking for work. The chaos of their countries of origin will push them further north.

That is the future. It will no more go away by itself, and by ignoring it, than the present crisis, which, devastating as it may be, pales in comparison. Europe risks being overrun in the next two decades. And as things stand, it has no plans whatsoever to deal with this, other than the military, and police dogs, barbed wire, tear gas, fences and stun grenades.

This lack of realism on both the political and the humane level will backfire on Europe and turn it into a very unpleasant place to be, both for Europeans and for refugees. Most likely it will turn the entire continent into a warzone.

The only solution available is to rebuild the places in Syria and Libya et al that the refugees originate from, and allow them to live decent lives in their homelands. If Brussels, and Washington, fail to realize this, things will get real ugly. We haven't seen anything yet.

Too apocalyptic for my taste but yes this is the 'new normal'. The record of the EU at 'nation building' isn't good (see Kosovo). So how are going to 'save the world' in all kinds of places?

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Fri Sep 4th, 2015 at 03:53:34 PM EST

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