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When Hungary, Austria and Germany agreed to open the borders for the refugees, all three governments emphasized that this was a one-off event that won't be repeated. Which IMHO is totally illusory. Indeed right now, the following is going on:

  • Austria already counted 6,500 entrants: that is, in addition to those taken by the government-sponsored buses, 2,000 more arrived travelling on their own. (Or with the help of smugglers. There were three Syrians whom the [Hungarian] smugglers dumped from their cars and robbed at gunpoint, fortunately police found the refugees quickly and managed to catch the culprits.í9
  • There is a trek of a few hundred from a refugee camp near Győr, forced off the highway onto the parallel main road but otherwise not hindered.
  • There is another trek of hundreds who broke out of the camp at Bicske, who were also forced off the highway.
  • Half of the 2,000 refugees at one of the bigger camps in Debrecen (in the extreme east of Hungary) left the camp and travelled to Budapest Keleti by train, joining hundreds more who didn't made it to the buses.
  • Half of the above boarded trains and the first already changed trains in Győr.
  • The other half (mostly younger people) are staging a repeat of yesterday's trek along the Budapest–Vienna highway. In rain. Orbán declared that no further buses will be sent and these people must get off the highway.

The Austria government expects to deal with a wave of 10,000 arrivals. Given that in the previous days, the refugee stream was throttled and what we see is like a dam breaking, an ebbing of the flow by tomorrow can be expected. But with 2,000 crossing the Serbian border each day, methinks any new attempt to close off the Austrian border will only result in a repeat of past week's events. And I suspect this is slowly dawning on the politicians.

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by DoDo on Sat Sep 5th, 2015 at 08:36:14 AM EST
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