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Majority of British for Brexit for the first time
51% supported a Brexit while 49% were against it. Undecideds where counted out. ... In the July survey 45% were for staying in the EU, 37% were for leaving, 18% undecided. In the current poll 22% of EU supporters said they could change their opinion if the refugee crisis worsens. Statistically a toss-up since the difference is in the margin of error.
Germany's response to the refugee crisis is admirable. But I fear it cannot last - Doris Akrap - Guardian
But the refugees haven't time to wait for "us" to work out whether Dublin III or Schengen need to be overhauled . The breakdown of these agreements is already happening.

But as the Germans share their bread with the refugees, Angela Merkel made clear in her speech on Monday that she won't accept Italy, Greece or Hungary not pulling their weight and opening their borders. She also made clear that all the refugees from the Balkan states will be sent back immediately, as they are not in need of protection.

As a child of a "guest worker" who grew up in Germany in the 90s, I can't claim to be completely impartial about this debate. Phrases such as "Germany can't take all refugees in the world" or "They can stay, but do they really need an apartment on their own?" give me the creeps. I hear them from conservative politicians. I hear them from colleagues and friends, none of them racist.

... But when I listen to the "good Germans", I often ask myself: what is going to happen, when the new refugees demand more than a tent, a bottle of water and a slice of bread? How will German society deal with this next turning point? What if it turns out that not every refugee has the skills to equip them for the "made in Germany" brand? ... Or will "Willkommen" be just a slogan on the doormat again?

If the scenes of this summer are repeated next summer then there will be a backlash: 'We did our part, now close the door - the air coming in is too cold!' Sweden is the only country with a clear majority for taking in more refugees and that will change too.

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Sun Sep 6th, 2015 at 10:59:39 AM EST

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