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Re your sig line, I think Schengen doesn't matter: there is a border domino in this refugee crisis and the re-imposition of intra-Schengen borders will only result in more dominos falling.

  • The first domino was the border between Turkey and Greece. Already three years ago, Greece built a border fence. This only resulted in two things: most migrants took the sea route, and Turkey ceased any efforts to control departures. Greek refugee camps over-flowed, and Dublin III was voided for Greece.
  • The next domino was Macedonia, where the scandal-ridden and aggressively autocratic government decided to send down the army a few weeks ago. This only resulted in a log-jam, and the crowds broke through.
  • The next domino would have been Serbia, but Serbia was greatly angered by Hungary's border fence, so it is providing free passage now.
  • Everyone saw how the next domino, Hungary, fell.
  • Should Austria re-impose border controls, the refugees and smugglers will be able to spread out along a winding 366 km section of the former Iron Curtain, with lots of woods on hilly terrain and almost no rivers to cross. Methinks that domino would fall rather quickly.
  • The border of Germany and Austria is a bigger challenge, being mostly high mountains or wide rivers. But closing this border might result in refugees massing at a few border crossings, resulting in situations like at Budapest Keleti.

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by DoDo on Thu Sep 10th, 2015 at 03:55:54 PM EST
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