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Refugee homes in Brandenburg - there are no more usable barracks - Tagesspiegel. But that's just Brandenburg. The idea of using empty barracks was already widely circulated last year.

It's not an endless well. Then what? It's also less than ideal for integration purposes. Spending months in overcrowded barracks, waiting for a life-altering decision can seriously mess you up.

A little digression: Due to current events Alon Levy wrote about "Cities and Immigration". At the end of the post he describes Sweden's ultimately wrong decision about the refugee housing problem. Either provide housing in already built-up areas at high cost, which would've posed a political vulnerability due to the dysfunctional housing market or put them up in cheap deindustrialized areas like Malmö which is also problematic since there are no jobs. It ultimately led to the ghettos we see today. So soon, lest the German government repeats the mistakes of the Swedish government, we will have an acceleration in rent increases which won't make many people happy. The idea to commandeer houses will certainly piss off other people too. The problem will be compounded if this year's deluge is repeated.

Count me as the pessimistic, misanthropic leftie, who likes to be pleasantly surprised, if you will. The role of the left is not to distribute teddy bears or chant "Refugees welcome!" till Christmas. That just makes the problem objectively and politically worse. The left has to show that it can actually handle this in the long term and not just have some warm fuzzy feelings for the short term and then go back to their cleanly middle class lives while refugee homes are lit on fire. Bring some control back into the situation (I forgot - the lefties are out of government) and a rational immigration policy. The answer to neonazis is not to do the complete opposite just because. More refugees are not the answer. Otherwise, the NSU terrorists that were born out of the refugee crisis of the nineties will have even nastier successors.

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Sat Sep 12th, 2015 at 02:47:00 PM EST
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