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"the current flow" so far has led to a refugee population of 0.027% of the EU population. A crisis! Catastrophe! There are now 793,000 refugees living in Germany. In 1997 there were more than a million and the world did not end.

The right wing wants a narrative of limited capacities. There are more than enough empty flats  in municipality-owned houses alone for the 800,000 refugees our Interior Minister expects for this year. It is just more profitable to sell them or pull down the houses. A question of the political will to put the needs of humans first, and of the political will not to cater for the racist right wing. Something the left ought to say something on. And there is currently a wave of solidarity of people who are fed up with the racism and inhumanity, who take food and other necessities to the railway stations with refugees or to Calais or to the Greek islands. Surely we ought to connect to that, and not to the crisis narrative of the right wing.

by Katrin on Tue Sep 1st, 2015 at 04:51:31 PM EST
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