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I see a clear resemblance between what's happening in Hungary and what's happening in the USA.  So far, to my knowledge, no commentators here have picked up on it although the border wall imagery is obvious.  I've emailed Kim Lane Scheppele of Princeton University who has been writing about the hollowing out of democratic institutions by Fidesz at Paul Krugman's blog from time to time but haven't heard anything back yet.

If it's possible and you are interested, I wonder if you would speak to this issue.  I think it's important as I've been seeing echoes of Fidesz's moves in Turkey, Japan, and other countries.  It looks to me like part of a global backlash, partially in reaction to the Arab Spring, the Indignados, and Occupy, partially the old authoritarian impulse that wreaked such havoc from the 1920s to the 1940s.

Thanks for your reporting from beautiful Budapest.  

PS:  I'm enjoying Tandori Dezső's poetry right now, mispronouncing and misunderstanding the Hungarian on one side of the page and comparing it with the English on the other.  I find him to be highly individual in his style, technical in his use of language in a way I've not seen before.  It's fun getting back to this tongue with such strange vowels, succulent consonants, and complex grammar.

Solar IS Civil Defense

by gmoke on Wed Sep 2nd, 2015 at 03:14:10 PM EST

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