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What else of note happened in Hungarian politics in the last few months? More mafia methods.

In the diary, I mentioned the Orbán government's U-turn in the face of the certain success of a referendum initiative of the Socialists, with a link to my diary on the subject. You may remember that the whole episode was noteworthy for a group of ugly heavies with the look of football hooligans who hindered the Socialists from officially submitting their referendum question. Since then, Fidesz used these guys in another conflict. In the summer, protesters blocked construction workers at a controversial reconstruction project in a public part in Budapest. Then the army of "baldies" turned up clad as construction workers and attacked the protesters in collision with police. According to an investigative report, the "baldies" weren't organised via the previously-known football hooligan – far-right rioter nexus but have been gathered by recruiters going around in bodybuilder clubs.

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