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Guglielmo Meardi says:   
03.01.2017 at 12:09

Two critiques of Marr's piece had a couple of unnecessary polemical low points, and some slips (most importantly: UK fisheries will have to benefit from restricting competition in UK water; and German manufacturing survives relatively well - but declining fast too! - because Germany has such a power in determining EU industrial policies in its own, and certainly now Southern Europe's, interests).

But the Fisk was an attempt at factual, evidence-based debate and the Brexiteers' reaction is frightening for the future of, exactly, democratic control: asking questions seems to be disallowed, especially from experts.

Anyway, the two main points of the blogs are perfectly valid, destroy the whole logic of Marr's piece, and can be put very simply:

  1. on supposed increased `democratic control': as the EU sets only minimum standards on environment and social rights, the new freedom is only to do more rightwing things, not more leftwing things - it is clear what Liam Fox can gain, not clear what anybody on the Left would
  2. on trade, deregulation and globalisation: the EU has a lot of limits, yes, but the proposed deals with US or China are likely to be much worse, given the orientation of those countries on social and environmental issues, and their huge advantageous negotiation power facing a small country like the UK which is in a hurry to sign deals in 2 years when usual negotiations require 7 or more (the only way to sign a deal quickly is to accept the other side's offer)

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