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I am always hearing that same thing from racists and Islamophobes. They always whine how oppressed they are, and that it needs courage to make statements of hatred. Thilo Sarrazin used to give the most impressive show of that stuff: wrote a racist book that sold a million copies and got invited into every TV talk show where he was given plenty of air time to tell everybody that he was not free to vent his Islamophobe and racist stuff, and how horrible it is to be stopped from giving vent to Islamophobe and racist stuff, and that it takes so much courage to do so.

I do not admire anyone who states their belief and then proposes to oppress and enslave people because of it. There is no courage needed for her position of depriving women of the right to decide on their own bodies. I am perfectly able to decide on my own if I want to dye my hair green or not, or shave it off or not, or cover it with a scarf or not.

You say this must be discussed. Experience shows that there is no common ground here, no shared principles to base such a discussion on. It saddened me enormously when I found that out.

by Katrin on Wed Apr 6th, 2016 at 07:49:40 AM EST
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