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You link to a post of yours that makes assumptions about my position that are false. I still see the unbridgeable gulf between you and me as one of equality, human rights, even humanity itself,  the significance of citizenship, political rights. In short, one could say it is about democracy itself. You declare Muslims with certain political aims not your political opponents (which would be fine), but public enemies. You presumably accept whites demanding war on Afghanistan etc. as fellow citizens who are political opponents and who must be fought by political activism. Same with whites demanding nuclear power or a ban on abortion, etc.  Salafists are different for you, you declare them a public enemy. Unlike whites they have no right to propose reactionary policies. It is striking that you don't mention colonialism and the refusal of civil rights to them in your post on the "Muslim question" in France.
by Katrin on Sun Apr 10th, 2016 at 07:31:37 AM EST
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