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In a word: yes.

This is indeed a very good article pointing some of the the current trends. Trump fooled everyone, me included, he is a far stronger candidate than most anticipated.

I strongly recommend this documentary on Trump's bio, it clarifies important things about him. Trump seems to have moved focus from construction to celebritiness (file that word in your dictionary) in the wake of the interest his private life generated in the tabloid press. From the mid 1990s onwards he seems to have managed his empire around his persona, maxing out the celebrity status. "Bad publicity is in some cases better than no publicity at all" - one of his famous quotes.

The past 20 years Trump became a master wielder of the press, TV in particular. The rows he raises, the over the top sound-bites, the low ad hominen remarks on his adversaries, are all part of a brilliant tactic to keep the TV focused on him. Most pundits and commentators take Trump's discourse at face value, as if he really believed on all the weird things he says. However, there is only one thing Trump really believes in: himself.

And the other side of the coin is Hillary Clinton, the worst candidate the Democrat party has ever come up with since I am politically aware. I agree there is reason to distrust polls, but for a different cause, they have persistently overestimated Clinton's chances. Liberals have a hard time admitting to this, Clinton is incredibly unpopular among non-liberals. Here is an interesting analysis on this subject that could only fit in the alternative press:

And lest not forget the statistical analysis run by Helmut Norpoth that is clearly favourable to Trump:

Whatch this presentation for the details.

Just as Trump took the Republican nomination much easier than expected, his run for the White House might be considerably simpler than anticipated.


by Luis de Sousa (luis[dot]de[dot]sousa[at]protonmail[dot]ch) on Fri May 13th, 2016 at 06:04:13 AM EST
Around 1990, the new free press in Eastern Europe was introducing Western celebrities very earnestly. I definitely remember Donald Trump as a cover story (and hardly anyone else). Conceivably, he had his way of attracting future wives and political sympathizers back then already!

Regarding the following, I had noticed something in Kerry's campaign already:

Trump's campaign brings Eastern Europe's political `tactics' to the U.S.

by das monde on Fri May 13th, 2016 at 07:41:17 AM EST
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