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I can't really believe that I'm going to say this .... but I'm actually glad Sanders is losing.  He has lost me.

Specifically, he lost me with this.  Sanders Press Statement on Nevada

By making himself personally complicit with the protest-mad thuggery of the worst of his supporters, and by stoking their conspiracy-addled delusions, he is turning all the good that came out of his early candidacy into toxic sludge.  All of those people who could have been brought into the political system, and who could have become a new generation of leaders inside the Democratic party, have been primed to deny the clear and consistent will of the voters, to abandon the Democratic Party, and to abandon the democratic process entirely.

This is turning into a nightmare for the Democratic side.  Clinton is a bad candidate, and needs all the help she can get -- not riots at the Democratic convention and a good chunk of her own party's activist base infuriated at what they see as a conspiracy and a fix.  Yes, the party made a terrible decision when it decided to turn this primary season into a coronation, but that decision has already been made and the election is too damn important.

Instead of taking their knocks, getting back up, and showing up for midterm primaries in 2018 and putting a real slate of progressives into the House and Senate, we are going to have President Trump.

Fuck.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Worse, there are rumors that this negativity and conspiracy thinking is not bubbling up from the bottom, all on its own, nor is it being stoked by his staff alone, but that it is ultimately coming from the man himself.  It comes from the very top  This just confirms what I have been seeing for the past few weeks, particularly when it comes to the people I volunteered with last year.  Oh my god what are they thinking what is happening how can this be happening .......

by Zwackus on Wed May 18th, 2016 at 07:56:54 AM EST

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