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Perhaps it's time for supporters of both candidates took a deep breath together and realised that creating huge controversies through procedural manoeuvring helps neither candidate significantly in terms of delegates, but hurts both in terms of public perceptions.  Sanders issuing that press statement - even if it is all factually correct and a fair and balanced account of what happened - raised an issue concerning a handful of delegates to the status of a major controversy and allows the development of media driven "both sides do it" false equivalences between what has been happening in the Republican and Democratic parties.

Up until now Sanders - having never held significant executive office - has had pretty much a free ride in terms of public scrutiny of his executive capabilities.  (I sometimes wonder whether that is part of his attraction to many of his supporters who, too, have never held significant executive office, or even aspired to it). In any case, he shouldn't be putting public discussion of his executive capabilities in play.

No one here is prepared to put up a significant defence of Hillary's executive track record, but at least she has one. Sander's is looking less attractive as an alternative for Office, the closer he edges towards actually achieving it.

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