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I still have no clear picture of what you mean with conspiratorial thinking. Does anyone dispute that the Democratic party leadership and the party hacks are in the tank for Clinton?
I mean it is objective fact that 30 state parties have a joint money raising/laundering sheme going on that leaves her with all the money and them objectively worse off. So is Josh Marshall's employer's paid troll army. And calling people who object to elite collusion "violent" without any strong evidence of actual violence is so very tired.

What I find most interesting in this election is how far apart the reality bubbles have drifted. Or maybe it's just more noticeable since people closer to me are drifting away.
I remember culling my news sources since long before "filter bubble" was even a phrase. The first time, appropriately enough was after the Democrats won the midterms in 06 and then promptly proceeded to vote for the war they opposed. Without any bells and whistles. The financial crisis and getting a grip on Post-Keynsian economics was another big one. And you really have to filter in order to not get spammed with nonsense. Though the filtering might have gotten worse since I broke down and got a Twitter account. Something about that system brings out the worst in people.
On the other hand I'm now pretty loyaly reading Naked Capitalism since their take on Greece ended up being much better than my own.

This stronger stratification of news sources seems pretty noticeable. One example I can think of was the small debate on online anonymity we had. I'm pretty sure that still reading the Guardian or similar professional sites is a strong indication of a contra position. Because for reporters online anonymity really makes life a lot harder.

OK, this is a bit more rambling than I would have liked but I'm running out of time for another pass.

by generic on Thu May 19th, 2016 at 05:34:45 AM EST
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