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I agree with what you have just said. How many of Sanders' supporters agree is a possible question. But my points have been directed to the deliberate misrepresentation of virtually everything regarding the reaction and the basis for that reaction by said supporters in the mainstream media.

Whether or not the effort by progressives to change the direction of the Democratic Party are successful or not things are going to get ugly. If they are not successful, then 'the model', neo-liberalism, will continue to fail and the consequences will become increasingly dire. If they are it MAY be possible to begin to change course. If a sane, reality based course is chosen politics, domestic prosperity, the climate and sustainability can be achieved. But this will require that substantial amounts of power be removed from many current economic elites and that governments become much more directly involved in generating solutions to these problems.

So you can abstain from moral judgements if you don't care about the fate of future generations. To me it is an easy choice.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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