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Well as I stated above one of my main sources for US analysis is Naked Capitalism. And they are very down on Obama care.
The only Americans I regularly talk to face to face are people with professional travel budgets. Not that big of a sample. One in particular was very happy with the reforms. However his experience was with the old system eating all his savings when his son was seriously ill. No positive experience with the new.
Which is a long winded intro for a saying that I'm sympathetic to the idea of Obama care being a neoliberal abomination. However voting Trump because of it still seems like a non sequitur. Maybe third oarty but Trump? And certainly something a delegitimisation campaign would throw around. I liked single payer and Sanders before, but now I'm with Hitler. And I've seen more of those comments than I expected.
But for a final reversal Trump does score high on the enemy of my enemy scale. And I don't think we should underestimate the emotional appeal of telling all those(media, Republicans, Clinton even the Kochs) to fuck off.

As a final aside: I too was toying with the idea that Trump might actually be less bad in effect. Not because of any moral superiority but because I thought party hostility would cripple him. Doesn't seem like a good bet anymore. He has run out of money and the party lies prostrate in hope of a tummy scratch.

by generic on Fri May 20th, 2016 at 08:23:44 PM EST
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