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Can Trump win?  Absolutely.  He's been melting down for months, and voters just don't care.  He's also facing the Mistress of Choke, who has proved adept from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  And she won't be able to get any enthusiasm out of the progressives, even less so than the last five "hold your nose and vote" candidates the DLC has foisted on us (and yes, I'm including Obama, which his record frankly bears out).  We've seen too many flip-flops, too much support for "education reform," "welfare reform," and "anti-terrorism."  And we aren't going to forget how she tanked both gay rights and healthcare reform in 1993.

Trump isn't like, but neither is she.  I've joked that this may be the year they gave a presidential election and nobody voted, but I expect a lot of the ballots cast will be blank at the top.  It's going to come down to which group of zealots can better attract the folks in between, and if my sister and parents are any indication, Clintstone is in far worse shape than her fan club is capable of admitting.

by rifek on Wed May 11th, 2016 at 10:17:27 PM EST

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