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The Europeans, especially the progressive ones, should acquaint themselves well with the phenomenon of Great Awakenings in America. These waves of religious revival, Christian fundamentalism tend to foreshadow key social-political shifts:
The First Great Awakening led after many years to the American and Jeffersonian Revolutions.

The Second Great Awakening led, after many years, to the Civil War and Abolition.

The Third Great Awakening led, after setbacks, to the Populist and then Progressive Movements.

The Fourth Great Awakening led to the New Deal.

The Fifth Great Awakening led to the second Reconstruction, the Great Society, Feminism, and social upheavals.

Trump's Great Awakening might not be of a religious kind, but he apparently touches the national nerve better than Sanders or an army of marginal activists like us. We, lazy arrogant sinners, in the hands of an angry God...
by das monde on Thu May 12th, 2016 at 01:13:42 AM EST

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