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account for 30% of the electorate. And so-called angry white women another 10-15%? And so-called beta males, another what, 5-10%, as well as a bit more for the naturalized immigrants. Let's say a total of slightly over half the electorate  - the 54% who disapproved of Romney's "moochers" comment, rounded up a couple points for demographics, being turned off by the Trumpster. Extremely so.

They vote 80-20 against Dilbert's guy. Minimum.

That means the Trumpster needs 90 fucking percent of remainder to win. And the more the identity politics gets played, the more the "moochers and their friends) turn out and turn out aainst Trump. Good luck with that. Politics of resentment works both ways.

Only Dilbert's clueless boss come come up with something like that.

by John Redmond on Thu May 12th, 2016 at 08:52:32 AM EST
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