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I agree about a Trump Presidency. Possibly more dangerous than the nuclear suitcase is his powers of appointment, not just to SCOTUS but also to Justice. He could permanently degrade remaining aspects of the US system. And Clinton is not Trump, not close. But she is bad enough as it is and, at the very least, will not have her heart in most of the progressive agenda Sanders is pushing, especially anything that challenges the neo-liberal status quo. And it certainly is not a case of 'unless Clinton is the Democratic nominee Trump will win the Presidency. The danger that Trump will win is probably significantly greater with Clinton as the nominee, but, unfortunately, we cannot run the election ten times and take an average to get a better idea.

I was not familiar with Dave Neiwert until now. From his Wiki bio and his quoted post on Booman it appears he has devoted his journalism chiefly to the activities of the far right, especially in Idaho and the US northwest. And they are very concerning. But I have to wonder how closely he has kept his eye on what passes for 'the mainstream' in US politics. Perhaps he hasn't noticed that 'mainstream' activities have a lot to do with the rise of these crazies and that mainstream US politics are currently represented by the two dominant US political parties.



"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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