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It has been >50 years since we had a lynching around here. My former neighbor told me about it. Poor guy was a victim of a 'sundowner' law. A hill west of downtown now called Wallace Knob was called 'Nigger Knob' back then in honor of their 'accomplishment'.

But the Klan and other White Supremacists fell victim to local business development. With two lakes and three rivers in the area they wanted tourists. The Klan and White Supremacists were scaring them away, so they encouraged the FBI and others to come in and clean house, which they did.

More recently Arkansas has beefed up its police powers as well. My neighbor told me of high school seniors having regularly gone on rampages after graduation and described some of the stunts. I asked him how they got away with it. His answer: "There wasn't enough law to stop us." Now we have a new Sheriff's Office and County Jail that can hold around 70 people and a helicopter that flies daily. (One of the things I had hoped to get away from when we left LA.)

BTW, I have contributed to Southern Poverty Law Center amd recieve their newsletter. An excellent organization. In several places they have used civil law to take away the property of local white supremacist groups, seizing property and giving it to organizations that serve the victims of that violence.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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