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'Get stuck in' - Billy Bragg rallies Glastonbury in Brexit aftermath | Politics | The Guardian

Speaking before his performance, Glastonbury stalwart Billy Bragg offered a call to arms to the young generation, the majority of whom voted to stay in the EU. Admitting he had not voted when he first got the vote in 1979, Bragg said now was not the time for political apathy.

"My guess is there's a lot of young people who woke up this morning thinking, there's absolutely no way this country would be so stupid to vote us out," he said. "You probably thought there's no point in going to the polling station, I'll let someone else do that. I'm not here to condemn them, after I made the mistake I got stuck into the fight. So now it's your job to get stuck in."

His message was echoed by Clive Lewis, Labour MP for Norfolk South, who called for "progressives" to rebuild, be resolute and help him make the world know that "the England Nigel Farage represents is not the UK I want to be part of".

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