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Important to remember.. the number of seats which are "dancing" thanks to the way seats are allocated in Spain is around 20. They are distributed by left-over votes in districts going from small (5 seats) and large districts like Madrid or Barcelona (with more than 20 seats) meaning that they can go to one party or another by small amount of votes

This measn PP can go as low as 105-110 and as high as 135-140.

The average in a spanish post-vote poll does not have the accuracy nor the meaning in the typical statistical sense...given the low number of votes that can change one seat. It is like the UK elections but on steriods.

Looking at catalonia..and given the seats the poll indicates may change ont he margin, I will put the absolute majority of PSOE+Podemos as very probable.. Odds around 4/6.

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by kcurie on Sun Jun 26th, 2016 at 07:00:26 PM EST

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