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Jeremy Corbyn - The Big Interview (The Morning Star) - Jeremy Corbyn MP

Jeremy would no doubt agree: "I think the media's attitude towards the Labour Party and our campaign has been horrendous."

His shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has long been associated with the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom -- as has the Morning Star. The campaign calls for curbs on the power of the handful of super-rich tycoons who control the bulk of the British press.

Would a Corbyn government take action to break up media monopolies? "Yes," he says immediately. "We are developing a media policy based on breaking up single ownership of too many sources of information.

"And actually promoting co-operative ownership and co-operative access, including local TV and radio stations and newspapers like the Morning Star."

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Thanks for this link. I now have The Morning Star added to my list of news links. I was wondering were a paper like The Daily Worker was in the UK. And I would recommend the linked 'long interview' of Jeremy Corbyn to any who still wonder what he stands for and intends.

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